The ONE Precious Metal That’s Trumping Gold Right Now

Gold has surged to 6-year highs. It’s in a solid, confirmed bull market for most of 2019. And powerful cyclical forces point to another 100% surge before the end of 2021.

But there’s one metal that has TRUMPED gold this year. In fact, it has outperformed gold by nearly three-to-one.

Yet, almost no one is talking about it.


Well, as you know, gold is the headline metal that most investors follow, and it has the biggest trading volume.

However, as I said, one metal’s performance has vaulted ahead of gold this year:


I’m talking about palladium.

It’s one of the Big Four precious metals of the world.

It’s used in jewelry as “white gold” and in several other industries.

Plus, it’s rarer than any of the other precious metals.

All this helps explain why I love pullbacks in this metal.

It’s why I will soon add palladium investments to my gold and silver stock portfolio.

And it’s why I also include them in my Gold & Silver Trader service — as a hidden bonus.

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