Mike Burnick, Editor, Real Wealth Report

My Mission: To help you build Real Wealth from the emerging bull market in real assets

We are entering an historic era for the prices of precious metals and natural resources. Many of the commodities in these sectors remain in long-term bull markets the likes of which have not been seen in decades.

But investing in this sector is not like shooting fish in a barrel. That’s why I insist on recommending only the very best investments and companies in natural resources … with real assets … that produce real earnings … and that deal with real, tangible value — goods that customers, corporations, and entire nations must have to survive.

Plus, I bring you the information and forecasts you need to truly understand what is happening in the world. I’ll give you some of the most accurate macro-economic forecasts you’ll find on the planet.

This accuracy is possible thanks to Artificial Intelligence models (AI) and Neural Net (NN) software developed by legendary cycles and investment analyst Larry Edelson. With it, I analyze market and economic data going back hundreds … and in some cases … even thousands of years.

I combine these models with the cycles proven to impact our economy. The Kondratieff Wave. The Kitchin cycle. The Juglar Cycle. The Kuznets Cycle. The War Cycles. The Schumpeterian Cycle. The Armstrong Economic Confidence Model. And many more.

Bottom line … history does repeat itself. By understanding previous booms and busts — and the conditions that caused them, you can see what’s ahead.

Your reliable guide to building Real Wealth

Each month in Real Wealth Report I deliver my analysis — forecasts and opportunities all designed to protect you with tangible assets and to help create enduring real wealth.

Each issue is organized into various sections to make it easy for you to find exactly what you need and to provide you with clarity of vision in your portfolio to maximize your returns …

Main Article — the focus and guiding theme of each issue. This is where I will tell you about the most significant current events or macroeconomic trends affecting the precious metals and natural resource markets.

I share with you my thoughts, reasoning, and recommendations. I tell you exactly what I think is going to happen and what to do about it — a no-holds-barred approach to investing.

The main article is also where I cover the most important recommendations I make for your financial survival: Basic Survival Strategies. This section covers gold, silver and other precious metals, and any other “must-own” investments that I believe are essential to protect and grow your wealth.

The main article is where you will also find recommendations in the currency markets. Nothing speculative. Simple, easy-to-invest in currency-based investments such as foreign currency CDs — where you can double, triple and even quadruple your yields, while still benefiting from the appreciation in a currency that’s outperforming the dollar hands down.

* Materials, Energy & Ags — my column dedicated to building capital appreciation with materials-related companies that are turning raw natural resources, including, but not limited to, silver, platinum, palladium, copper, aluminum, nickel, zinc, tin, water, natural gas, oil, and more — into usable, staples required by the needs of the world’s growing population, now 7.5 billion strong.

This is also where I cover the energy and agriculture sectors. Two more vital sectors you need to know about … and invest in … to help grow and protect your money.

* Income Investments — In this column I give you my top income investments to help you beat the lousy returns you’re getting in banks and money markets and with an aim to generating decent capital gains to boot.

Dividends and royalties from natural resource companies are the focus, but my research doesn’t stop there. As long as it’s a stable investment where the risk is cut to the bone and the income and potential rewards are outstanding, I’ll cover it for you, from soup to nuts.

* The Speculator — my column for more aggressive investors who are willing to take on additional risk with the goal of making shorter-term speculative profits.

Its focus is on natural resource plays with good leverage — such as small and junior mining stocks, junior oil and gas companies, and little-known international and emerging-market companies with loads of real assets that are primed for real wealth.

Plus, I often look at other markets where the potential rewards vastly outweigh the risks, including Index ETFs, leveraged ETFs and more, such as long-term options, or LEAPS.

* Asia — this column is where you’ll find the latest on what’s happening in the most economically vibrant part of the globe: China and the rest of Asia. You’ll learn what it is that I see on the front lines in Asia … where the best investment opportunities are … and how to maximize your profits and slash your investing risk, all without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

* Positions At A Glance — an easy-to-read, concise table of the open positions I recommend. For every position, you’ll see the name of the investment, the ticker symbol, the initial purchase date, most recent trade date, current quote, total return, my current instructions including stops, what to do if you don’t own it, and more.

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