How to read the charts

One of the most valuable resources on this website is my proprietary cycle forecast charts. This is where you will find my latest Artificial Intelligence, Neural Net forecasts that indicate upcoming turning points in the precious metals and for select mining stocks, including the approximate dates of key cycle highs and lows. Take a quick tutorial below where I walk you through what each indicator on the chart means…

Each forecasting chart is comprised of projections of all known trading cycles impacting the underlying asset. Therefore, the more the data history, the better. Also be advised that all forecasts have built-in inherent limitations. In the case of my models, the future dates they select for highs and lows can be off by as much as 3 days, plus or minus, on a daily chart, 3 weeks plus or minus on a weekly chart, and so on, depending upon the time frame studied.

However, in my experience they are accurate to the date better than 70% of the time. There is much more that you need to know about my models that you will learn, over time. One very important warning: The charts should never be used on their own to make trading decisions. They should only be used in combination with other tools I use and the specific recommendations I issue based on them.

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  1. Nevin Smith January 29, 2018

    Hi Sean. I was a member of the Edelson Institute and was doing well. Now I have been shifted to Banyan Hill but I am more interested in investing with cycles. Have you taken over the charts for the Edelson Institute from Mike Burnick? Are you using the same techniques as Larry was? And how do I get back on the Edelson bandwagon? Do you have a portfolio like they used to?


  2. Justin July 9, 2018

    You are not updating the charts, you are just changing the dates., and have been every week for some time now Why are you doing this? There are many of us that have been using these charts since Larry was producing them. We use this as a tool to make investment decisions (as you describe above) with our hard earned money, yet you are just pretending to update them, you are pulling the rug out from under your followers, shame on you!! You should just make this a paid subscription service!


    • Marci Campbell July 16, 2018

      Hello Justin, thank you for your interest in the cycle charts. We did some system maintenance today that should fix the problem going forward.


      • Justin July 16, 2018

        Marci….Thank You, you’re awesome!!


      • JUSTIN August 15, 2018

        Hi Marci, Just wanted to let you know that the Dow Chart will not come up when it is clicked. Perhaps a bad link?


        • Marci Campbell August 16, 2018

          Thanks, Justin. This has been updated